5 areas - Health, Education, Economic, Housing & Social Dev.

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World-wide skilled volunteers assist in Development Projects

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Testimonies of Healings physical, mental, financial.....

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It is more blessed to give than to receive ....
Acts 20:35

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Good News

Many hundreds of health and mental restorations continue to take place in the South Pacific..

Ratu Levu 28yo was facing a life debilitating disease in his Oesophagus that every night he would fear losing his life in his sleep - that is until he found out how to change that around...

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Health Reports
(BODY) Vital health information for positive outcomes..

Wisdom & Knowledge
(MIND) Spiritual information to overcome any hurdle..

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Prayer support
(SOUL) If you have a need for prayer however great or small, our Ministry team are always there to be with you and support you to instill hope for a better future... Simply email us your prayer request and contact details to the following link Whitehorse Ministries and we will endeavor to help you as the Lord leads...